Is there something you want to change –explore, clarify, discover…start, stop…develop, manage, lead…inspire, celebrate?

Prosfos empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to maximize their potential to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment.

Our clients span from world-class executives to mid-career professionals and emerging talent.


They are from multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary backgrounds.

We work with economists, engineers, social scientists, judicial professionals, health professionals, artists, business persons and politicians- a full spectrum of organization leaders, thought leaders, geopolitical influencers, creators in the arts, and private individuals.


The only qualifications for engagement are:


-A strong desire to develop as an individual or organization


-A genuine commitment to invest the time and focus required to realize results


-Willingness to collaborate with a professional who can help you plan a strategy and make changes to achieve your vision.




New Client Qualifications

We invite you to join us as a client and contributor.

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