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Clients & Testimonials



Problem Solving Retreat:
“She guided the whole process, made critical interventions when things could have fallen apart and yet, there wasn’t a moment when people didn’t see me as the leader.”

“Insightful analysis and recommendations that make sense for the organization. Superlative work.”

“With help to focus on the pivotal issues, we developed the structure and trust that made us a high performing team.”


“From Not-sure-what-to-do to Will-do to Done. I implemented tactical and transformational strategies to achieve my goals and improve my life.”


Multisectoral Department:
"I didn’t think the quality of a facilitator made any difference, but you took us way beyond anything we could have done without you here.”


Peer Learning:
“I never believed that 24 people who didn’t know each other before could form the bond we formed in 4 days. This is remarkable, thank you.”


Senior Leadership Retreat:
“How did you get him to agree to talk about that in the retreat? We see him as a different person now- as a person and that changed everything.”


Complex Issues:
“Her insights are always invaluable”

Strategic Planning:
"Insightful questions led us to redefine our comparative advantage and see how to realize it.


Realignment Retreat:
“I’ve been going to retreats for 20 years and never to one as substantive and satisfying as this one.”"


Fragile States Training:
“I don’t know what I would have done when the sirens went off if it wasn’t for that training. It all came back just in time.”


Leadership Training:
"A gift. My clarity, confidence, and effectiveness improved immediately."


“Such an engaging way with words. Illuminates, inspires, invigorates progress.”


Stakeholder Engagement:
"We expected confusion and anger and instead got positive energy and results."


Management Training:
“I was so busy I almost didn’t come. What a mistake that would have been. This training has been transformational.”






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