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Tom Friedman Explains Why Autocratic Leadership is Unsustainable: CEOs Learning Limits with Citizens and Staffs


Why we are seeing so many street revolts in democracies- Egypt, Brazil… Turkey? Can you also feel it in your own organization? Not open revolts in public areas. But still unmistakable resistance to autocratic leadership, even when the Emperor cloaks him or herself in yards of gorgeous "Participative Decision Making."


Read Tom Friedman’s "Takin' It to the Streets" to understand why protests in Tahir and Taksim Squares are sending an unmistakable signal that the effectiveness of autocratic leadership is more limited than ever.


Then consider some alternative leadership styles: Visionary, Affliative, Coaching, Pacesetting, and Commanding. Daniel Goleman’s Wall Street Journal article on "Primal Leadership Styles" describes a repertoire of leadership styles that anyone can employ, what set of circumstances calls for each, and when to switch gears.

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