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The Prosfos Way describes a proven approach to International Leadership Development and Organizational Effectiveness designed to help individuals, teams, and organizations maximize their potential to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment.


"Prosfos" is a combination of two Greek words: pros means toward and fos means light. The Prosfos Way guides processes for enlightenment and empowerment. It increases capacity to manage organization, stakeholders, and individuals to achieve desired results.


It's based on custom designed interventions for improving organizational effectiveness, leadership development, communications, analysis and recommendations on leadership performance and institutional programs, and coaching for senior executives, emerging talent, and teams.


The Prosfos Way works through principles of confidentiality; integrity; respect for political, professional, and cultural diversity as an asset; excellence; and continuous learning about best practices and state-of-the-art approaches from global events, academia, colleagues and clients.


Working as part of client-driven processes, it can help multicultural clients address complex challenges, ranging from issues of global significance and national security to the individual quest for self-actualization.



Honesty and integrity
Drive for excellence
Respect for diversity as an asset
Informed guidance based on time-tested Best Practices and state-of-the-art approaches
Custom Designed client-driven processes tailored to client needs and preferences
Commitment to continuous learning from global events, academia, colleagues, clients

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Developing Exceptional Leaders for a Complex World