-Complete change management services to help organizations develop and implement strategies to transform themselves for increased relevance, viability and results

Executive Coaching


-“Will-Do” coaching for multi-cultural teams, world-class senior executives, and emerging talent addressing complex issues in their professional and personal lives
-Support for development and implementation of tactical and transformational strategies for realizing goals and improving lives
-Committed to maximizing client potential to achieve professional results, create a better world, and live life to the fullest
-Face-to-face, shadow coaching, and telephone coaching engagements



-Strategic communication planning and implementation for internal and external stakeholders
-Development of knowledge generation processes, engagements, and sharing mechanisms
-Writing and editing speeches, articles, blogs, columns, website content, and newsletters



-Scoping of internal and external environmental changes
-Stakeholder consultations, analysis, and engagement
-Diagnostics and strategy development to guide adaptation
-Design, facilitation, and moderation of meetings, retreats, and panels with appropriate tone and timing to address:


Problem solving
New ventures
Strategic planning
Stakeholder engagement
Mergers and reorganizations

Process restructuring
Knowledge generation and sharing
Conflict resolution

Live broadcast interviews, virtual meetings, and workshops
Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of change



-Leadership, managerial, and front-line supervisory training
-Skills, behavioral, and technical training
-On-boarding and new organizational initiatives, processes and procedures training
-Interpersonal communications effectiveness training
-Self-development, use-of-self, peer-learning, and 360-feedback learning processes
-Anti-Sexual Harassment and Diversity Training
-Communities of Practice and Peer Councils
-Management guides, blogs, and training materials



Sustaining success
Strategic planning
Trust building

Knowledge Events
Peer Learning
Stakeholder Relations
Diversity and Collaboration

Analysis & Advisory


-Research, consultations, analysis, evaluations and recommendations to senior leadership on individual leadership fitness, organizational effectiveness, change strategies, and institutional programs as related to organizational strategy and objectives


Areas of Expertise

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